Robotics Camps

Written by Michael Federico
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Mankind has been fascinated with robots ever since the first complex machines started to emerge. Sci-fi authors and moviemakers have dealt with the idea of man vs. robot for over a century. In most cases, the robots are either bent on destroying the world or committed to learning how to feel. While these plots are good for action or drama, they do not actually represent the state of robotic technology today. Robots are being used to perform functions in a number of different industries. Due to the need for robots in the corporate world, robotics itself has become a lucrative business.

Robotics camps are, not surprisingly, designed mainly for kids who are interested in robots. They are intended to let children work in a lab with counselors who have more interaction with robots than the average human being. These camps will introduce kids to the world of robotics, but they are not only set up for those who want to pursue a career in the field.

Robotics Camp Programs

Working in robotics will give kids a chance to practice their problem solving skills, which can benefit them in all aspects of their education. More importantly for the kids, a robotics camp will teach them (and allow them) to build and control their own robot. They will learn robotics programming languages by actually working with robots instead of just sitting in a classroom all day.

Most camps will also offer special events for the robots and their makers. These might include robot dance contests or robot battles. Some camps even set up mazes and obstacle courses through which campers can race their robots.

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