Sailing Camps

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Sailing camps afford your nautically minded son or daughter a great avenue for improving his or her skills. Or, if your child has simply shown an interest in sailing but has never actually been out on the high seas, summer sailing camps allow for a safe discovery at his or her own pace. Most camps are careful to pair participants by level of expertise so that no student ever feels out of place.

With a staff of specially trained yachtsmen, divemasters, and professional sailors, you're assured that your child will come home with skills you'd never dreamed of. Imagine his or her sense of pride at rigging a sail, taking the helm for the first time, or guiding a vessel into port. With constant supervision by a crewmember your son or daughter will have the courage to make decisions, then carry them out successfully.

Sailing Camps All Around the World

You can choose summer sailing camps at destinations around the globe. From the British Virgin Islands to the waters of the South Pacific, programs exist that are tailored to beginners and certified sailors alike. Many novices even choose to get the specialized expertise and training it takes to become certified so that they can return home capable of piloting a ship or scuba diving on their own.

With so much training and supervision at every turn it's easy to see why people assume that sailing camps are expensive. But almost everything is included for the price you pay, from meals and lodging to equipment rentals and gear. Compared with summer sports camps or arts camps, two to three months abroad is a real value, especially given all the "extras" you get--from increased self-reliance to advanced problem-solving skills--for your dollar.

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