Sleepaway Camps For Boys

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Children are often sent to sleepaway camp to gain a sense of independence and develop certain skills and confidence. Many camp programs are rooted in helping campers to grow personally by supporting diversity and acceptance. Campers also learn about how to work in teams, how to respect each other and how to be a part of a community. Each of these lessons is reinforced through activities, games, shared meals and shared living quarters.

Overnight camps can be co-ed or single sex. While each has its merits, many find that single sex camps are more helpful in allowing campers to explore activities and passions, as well as develop character. Particularly for young men of a certain age, it can be difficult to concentrate around young women. Unsure of how to behave around girls, many young men act out inappropriately or become excessively shy. For this reason, there are many wonderful camps specifically for boys.

The Benefits of Boys' Camps

Boys' camps are helpful, not only for developing social skills but also for giving boys the chance to relate and bond with one another. There are many issues that young men face as they grow, which are vastly different from those that young women must go through. It is often helpful for boys to know that they are not alone in their feelings and spending a few weeks surrounded by others who are going through similar experiences can be vastly helpful.

As the divorce rate in this country increases, there are a number of young men who will not have positive male role models in their lives. At a boys' camp, there will be an abundance of older male role models for young men to look up to. Each counselor and staff member will be fully available to answer any questions, to give advice or simply demonstrate good character by example.

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