Specialty Camps

Written by Michael Federico
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There was a time when pretty much every summer camp was the same. Kids from all over the country would come to spend a few weeks participating in a number of different activities and bonding with other kids that they would look forward to seeing again the next summer. Things have changed a bit over the past several years, and camps are not all the same anymore.

It is possible to find a camp for almost anything that a child might be interested in. There are basketball, baseball, football, and many other sport camps. There are camps for kids who love horses. There are also arts camps for students who want to learn how to write, paint, sculpt, dance, or act. Some specialty camps are only open to children of a certain religion, and others are only offered for students who have maintained a certain GPA in school.

Computer Camps

Some of the most popular specialty camps are for kids who like computers. Some of these programs focus on gaming, allowing campers to both play and design computer games. There are also camps that allow kids to learn complex computer programming and digital photography and editing techniques.

Most computer camps do share things in common with other specialty camps. They are educational and they feature counselors who are highly experienced in their fields. Also, camps give kids a chance to meet other people their age who love computers as much as they do. They do not always have a chance to do this in school, because in many cases kids are encouraged to pursue activities that do not involve computers.

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