Summer Camp Activities

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Some of the greatest parts of summer camp are the vast amount of activities that are offered, suiting each and every camper. If a child enjoys sports, he or she can get involved in any number of games happening in each activity period. From baseball to volleyball to tennis, outdoor sports are a staple of camp. Some of the best camps will offer water activities such as sailing or water skiing. These are the kinds of activities that get young boys excited about camp.

There are, however, many more options for those who may not enjoy sports or who need a rest after back-to-back games. Arts and crafts are some of the most popular summer camp offerings. Campers can learn to work with clay or paint or simply sit and sketch charcoal outlines of leaves and flowers.

Summer is one of the best times to allow creative juices to flow and many camps offer creative writing and poetry programs for those who find delight in putting words to paper. Some camps also have computer and rocketry programs that allow young minds to expand. While some campers may choose to play sports all day long, the vast majority will try new activities at least once.

Building a Strong Camp Community

Camps are often designed with a certain amount of small-group activity periods during the day. Generally, campers may choose their own activities for these periods, which are interspersed between mealtimes and mandatory lessons such as swimming. Most camps will also have all-camp activities in the evening. These are designed to help build camp spirit and a good sense of teamwork.

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