Summer Camp Facilities

Written by Rebecca Russell
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One benchmark of a good summer camp is well kept and impeccably maintained facilities. Clean, sturdy structures, groomed playing fields and a waterfront in good repair are all things to look for when choosing to send your child to a particular camp. By keeping the buildings and grounds in tip-top condition, the camp owners and directors show great pride and love for their business, which is a good sign that they will work to provide a wonderful summer camp experience.

Summer Camp Design

The common mental image of summer camp includes rustic wooden cabins, one main hall for meetings and meals, smaller buildings for activities, large grassy fields for play and a series of docks for the waterfront. The vast majority of camps keep to this model, particularly ones that have been in business for over 50 years. There are, however, many modern updates that camps make to the buildings and the grounds to ensure that each is kept in pristine, workable condition.

The layout of the cabins is often the first thing that people are concerned with. Most modern cabins are outfitted with bunk beds and generally sleep seven to eight campers, along with assigned counselors. Bathrooms and showers are often built right into the cabin, which is convenient for younger campers, in particular. Cabins typically include heat for the colder evenings and have electricity running throughout. Grounds are often designated for various sports and many camps include outdoor tennis courts and basketball courts. Many camps have updated these playing fields by adding large lights, allowing campers to practice and play their sport of choice into the evening after the sun goes down.

Before choosing a camp, parents should request a brochure, or look at pictures on the camp website to get a good idea of the condition of the grounds and the main building structures. Pay careful attention to the layout of the camp and if any questions arise, take the time to phone the camp director. This will help parents and children to make informed choices and ensure a great summer for each camper.

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