Summer Camp Programs

Written by Rebecca Russell
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In this day and age, there are thousands of summer camps tailored to support and improve upon the talent of almost any child. While most camps start out with wooden cabins, waterfront property and three square meals, the programs and activities offered can be as different as night and day. From sports to creative arts to environmental science, there is a camp program for every interest.

Specialized Summer Camp Programs

There are many camps that offer a traditional schedule with varied activity periods, swimming and the occasional scavenger hunt. These camps are wonderful for children who have a wide range of interests and need constant variety. For individuals who have very specific interests, however, it may be a good idea to enroll them in a camp program that can adequately meet their needs and will allow them to spend large amounts of time on their activity of choice.

Sports, for instance, are popular camp activities; however, just because a child excels at soccer does not mean that he will want to play baseball as well. Therefore, it may be best to choose a camp that has an excellent soccer program and is flexible enough to allow your child to play and practice for as long as he wants. It is often easy to determine these types of camps--they will advertise and offer special clinics and hire high-end instructors who understand the driving passion of the game.

A good camp, however, will stress moderation. For instance, the child who plays soccer all morning and then goes to a soccer scrimmage in the afternoon may be encouraged to join in a game of volleyball in the evening or may be chosen to represent his cabin in the variety show. Good camp directors, particularly those that run specialized programs, understand that there must be a delicate balance and will work to ensure that all campers receive a well-rounded experience.

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