Summer Camps For Gifted Children

Written by Michael Federico
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Camps for gifted children usually feature aspects that are not common to other camps. For instance, there are programs that allow gifted kids to explore the world of archeology and paleontology. Campers will hunt for artifacts and fossils and learn how those materials have played a part in the Earth's history. There are also camps that are designed for those who have an interest in math and sciences such as chemistry and physics. Literature camps that focus on studying classics and exploring elements of creative writing also exist.

Gifted camps often give children a chance to interact with likeminded students for the first time. While there are gifted classes in many schools, it is not always possible for violin prodigies to meet face to face. Some of these camps allow young people to stay at college campuses for an extended period of time. This gives them a chance to use university materials and it also encourages them to socialize with their fellow campers.

Computer Camps for Gifted Children

Computers have, in many ways, taken over the world. Almost every business, regardless of industry, utilizes computers on a regular basis. Many universities actually require students to have computers that they can bring to class. This has made it essential for the majority of young people to be familiar with a variety of computer applications.

Gifted students who have a deep understanding of computers can find camps that are designed specifically for them. These camps offer advanced courses in programming, animation, game design, and much more. Students will get to work on projects in the lab, and they will have a creation of their own (possibly a game or robot) at the end of the summer.

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