Summer Camps With Hockey

Written by Rebecca Russell
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When envisioning summer camp programs, most people think of baseball, basketball or soccer as the main outdoor activities. These days, there are all kinds of sports that can be played, provided the camp has the right kinds of facilities. A variety of outdoor activities is the key to a successful summer program.

A Different Kind of Hockey

Hockey is a popular activity, but most people think it has to take place on ice. This could not be further from the truth. There are other types of hockey that are particularly popular, especially in the summer. With the inception of roller blades came the idea for roller hockey. The game is rather similar to ice hockey but is played outside on a cement field which is walled in, just like an ice rink. The puck is a round ball rather than a flat disc, which allows it to travel quickly across the court.

While roller hockey is not generally a sport played in schools, many find it to be wildly entertaining. It promotes healthy competition and encourages kids who may not enjoy more traditional outdoor sports to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. The court can also be used for other activities, such as handball, and is a great addition to any summer camp.

When kids play roller hockey, it is imperative that they have the correct safety gear. Many camps will provide the basics but if you know your child enjoys the game, it is best to send him or her to camp with all the equipment they will need. The most important are elbow and kneepads and a helmet. These should be worn whenever your child is on roller blades and will greatly protect him or her from serious injury.

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