Summer Camps With Ice Hockey

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Ice hockey is a sport enjoyed by many children and teens alike. While some schools may offer it as an extracurricular activity, many smaller school districts do not have the money or support to fund an ice hockey team, let alone build a rink for play. Individuals who are interested in hockey but have no place to practice or play might want to look into a summer camp that offers hockey instruction.

Summer camps can help children learn the basics of hockey, from passing to shooting. The structured environment can also give kids the opportunity to be on the ice every day, which can improve skating techniques drastically. Special hockey coaches will often be hired to instruct children on the rules of the game, as well as motivating them to practice and have fun.

Tips for the Savvy Hockey Parent

When looking into summer camps that offer hockey programs, be sure that the camp works with a skating rink that has a good reputation. This will ensure that your child is getting the best possible hockey experience. Additionally, look into camps that have good relationships with other youth organizations in the area. Many camps will set up scrimmages and game throughout the summer, which is the best way to work on playing skills.

Hockey involves a large amount of gear--skates, pads, sticks and special clothing. It is rare that a summer camp will provide all these things, so be sure that your child is well-outfitted prior to attending the program. If possible, skates should be broken in before the child arrives at camp to alleviate any blisters or other foot problems associated with new skates.

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