Summer Camps With Sailing

Written by Rebecca Russell
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One of the greatest memories of my young life was spending two weeks on a lake at summer camp learning how to sail. Something about the wind filling up the sail and being in control of the elements made me see a larger picture about my life. Teen years are often filled with those types of moments, but being alone on a sailboat truly has a lasting impact.

Learning to sail requires a large amount patience and attention to detail. Before you can hoist a sail, you must know how to tie the proper knots. Before you can step onto a sailboat, you must know the proper safety procedures. Before you sail a small boat alone, you must be comfortable sailing in a team. Teaching young men and women the skills to become safe and skilled sailors can give them a great view on learning and growing in general.

Lessons Learned on a Sailboat

Sailing requires that you be aware of all things around you. You must measure the strength of the wind, know your direction and stay your course; and, if you aren't careful, you could be hit in the head with a swinging boom! Such is the case with life, particularly adolescence, and the lessons learned on a sailboat can be easily transferred to daily living.

Many summer camps have mottoes that involve taking care of your surroundings, including the environment and your fellow campers. These are lessons that affect each individual and can be transferred from summer camp back to school or home life. Sailing, in particular, teaches cause and effect, as well as responsibly embracing independence.

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