Summer Camps With Soccer

Written by Rebecca Russell
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An awards ceremony or banquet generally signifies the end of each athletic season for junior high and high school students. Certificates and trophies are given to players with the most team spirit, to those who have improved the most, and to the most valuable players. In addition to these awards, scholarships are often given. These scholarships are awarded to students so that they may attend special summer camps, which are designed to help them improve and excel at their sport of choice.

One of the more popular choices of summer camp sports is soccer. Many camps have programs set up to train kids in techniques that can help to improve their game. Often, especially for teens, camps will hire college-level coaches and trainers that can push each individual beyond the level he or she might reach with a high school coach.

Making the Most of a Summer Program

High school practices are generally two to three hours long, and as there are many players on each team, a coach does not have time to give a lot of individual attention to each player. In a summer camp setting, however, there is more time to work on good training and undo bad habits. For instance, there are many ways to trap and control a soccer ball that do not involve the obvious choice of the foot. With extended practice, a player can truly master how to use his or her whole body to play the game.

When searching for summer camps for the athlete in your family, be sure to research thoroughly. A good camp will give detailed descriptions of the kinds of athletic programs offered. If the camp mentions clinics and soccer pros, chances are they have a strong program. When in doubt, contact the camp and ask to speak to the athletic director, who should be able to answer any questions you may have.

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