Summer Camps With Swimming

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Water safety and enjoyment go hand in hand. In order to truly enjoy swimming and splashing around, one must know the rules of responsible water play. Many parents do not have the time or the ability to teach their children how to be safe around the water. A summer camp is a wonderful place for children to learn the basics of water safety and swimming skills.

Many camps are built on or near natural bodies of water--lakes or ponds or even the ocean. There is nothing better than jumping into cool water on a hot day in the middle of July and almost every camp can offer this luxury to its campers. Understanding that safety comes first, however, camps will generally institute mandatory swim lessons or water safety classes before campers are allowed to swim freely.

Summer Camp Swimming Programs

Camp programs generally operate on a swimming level system, either their own or by certified programs from the YMCA or the Red Cross. Children are evaluated based on their swimming skills, and in some cases, given colored bands or swim caps to be worn at all times when they are in the water. These allow the lifeguards on duty to be aware of campers who may not be strong swimmers and to monitor that they do not venture out of their safety zone.

Daily swimming lessons can help each camper to improve upon his or her skills. Generally, at the end of camp session, there are swimming tests that determine whether the camper is ready to advance to the next level. This helps children to feel a sense of accomplishment and signifies their progress throughout the summer.

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