Summer Camps With Volleyball

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Volleyball is a sport that requires a small group of people to work together toward a common goal. Each player must support the others, and roles are constantly swapped. It is not only a wonderful athletic exercise but also a great team building activity, particularly for young men and women.

Volleyball can be played competitively or simply for fun among friends. Most often, though especially in non-competitive environments, volleyball can be played by individuals of all skill levels. This makes it a great sport for gym classes and especially for summer camp programs that stress teamwork and personal growth.

Variations on Volleyball

In a summer camp environment, volleyball can be adapted in many different ways to teach lessons on respect and cooperation. The simple structure of ball and net allow for easy configuration and variation of rules. One great way to adapt the game is to create a rule that requires each team member to touch the ball before it can be hit over the net. Points will not be awarded if every member has not made contact with the ball. This helps to foster a team spirit and allows each player to get involved.

Another great volleyball variation that works best in a summer camp environment is three-legged volleyball. Each team member is attached, by the ankle, to another team member and they must work together as one. This makes for a fun and challenging game that can bring about great discussions on cooperation and teamwork.

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