Teen Summer Camp

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A teen summer camp in your hometown can give your child the typical experiences of instructional swim, volleyball, tennis, and arts and crafts. These are all undoubtedly positive activities in your teen's physical, emotional, and artistic growth. And at day's end, when the final bell rings, your kid grabs a backpack, says goodbye to his or her bunkmates, and comes home for the evening, only to prepare for a similar day tomorrow.

Now imagine your child on an overseas adventure to the Galapagos Islands, the Caribbean, or Australia. Instead of end-of-the day popsicles and a bus ride home, your child is learning the history of the Sydney Opera House or of Charles Darwin's scientific inquiry into finches and sea turtles. Instead of diving for fly balls in the outfield grass, your teenager is diving for coral, moray eels, and other fascinating marine life.

Not Your Typical Teen Summer Camp

Your child isn't the typical teenager, so don't send him or her to a typical day camp. Instead, let your teen trace Ulysses' steps through his battle with the Laestrygonians or visit the Gulf of Lerici where poets such as Byron and Shelley took their midday swims. It's hard to compare a simple trot through the pasture with a trip to Corsica, birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.

There's no denying that a local teen summer camp gives your child a great outlet for his or her energies as well as the chance to form lifelong friendships. But summer adventure camps overseas let your child discover him or herself more fully by cultivating critical life skills such as problem-solving, team-building, and self-reliance. From sailing camps to high adventure camps, there's a summer escape that matches the tastes and talents of any young adventurer.

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