Teen Travel Camps

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Teen travel camps are the perfect way to let your child see the world while developing skills that will last a lifetime. Whether it's exploring The Quill, a nearly symmetrical volcano on the Dutch island of Saba, or steering through the Pillars of Hercules on the way to St. Barts, your teen will trace the steps of the famed explorers who first charted the globe. With the wind at their backs, these kids will sail--up to 50 knots at a stretch--through exotic waters and into tropical ports.

Teen adventure trips let your child discover his or her own individual talents. These skills will help pave the way for the remainder of school, college, and life. Imagine the confidence your teenager will have when confronting simple problems after he or she has rappelled down a rock face or built a fire from scratch.

Teen Travel Camps Offer Safe Adventure

Many parents worry about outdoor adventure camps that encourage their campers to be independent. What happens, they ask, if my boy or girl can't do it? At many teen travel camps, those are exactly the types of questions the directors and staff want to pose at the same time that they help them discover the answers.

At no point in your teen's journey will he or she find himself in a dangerous situation. One of the great things about adventure camps is the way they challenge youngsters without imperiling them. Teen travel camps employ only the best licensed instructors--from divers to navigators--who know the ropes because they've explored them first on their own.

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