Annalee Dolls Sale

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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These collectible items are a great value even when there is no Annalee dolls sale; however, when you are able to purchase them for less than their retail value, you have a unique opportunity. Each doll has a special facial expression that may not duplicate the expressions you see online or in catalogs. They are created with up to six different expressions, so it is advisable to know beforehand that when you place an order, the doll you receive might have a slightly different expression than the sample you viewed.

In addition to tiny dolls that can double as ornaments, the Annalee label occasionally produces larger dolls on special order. Their tallest doll, created for sale, was a six-foot tall Santa Claus doll. Christmas has always played a special role for this brand of dolls--some of their earliest creations were replications of Santa Claus, angels, and elves.

Check the Museum For an Annalee Dolls Sale

If you live in the area or are visiting Meredith, New Hampshire, the Annalee Doll Museum welcomes visitors throughout the summer and early autumn. Approximately five hundred dolls are on display at a time, with more in storage that are rotated in and out as displays change. The gift shop is a great place to hunt for an Annalee Dolls sale or other Christmas collectibles.

Like the museum's, some collections are so large that not all dolls can be displayed at once. If you should need to store your dolls, lay them carefully in plastic storage boxes and keep them away from sources of heat that might diminish the adhesive quality of the glue used to construct them. The dolls are made of felt, so be sure to tuck in a few mothballs to keep the fabric intact for the duration of storage.

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