Brass Name Tag

Written by Jill Morrison
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A brass name tag can be used for various purposes. They are effective as an identification tool for situations where large amounts of people are involved. Name tags can be used for corporate parties, employees at large places such as a theme park or hospital, or for soldiers in war.

A brass name tag is a common form of ID in the military. In most wars, soldiers were required to wear ID tags. It is interesting that in the Civil War, there were no government issued ID tags, so soldiers purchased and engraved their own.

Purchasing a Military Brass Name Tag

An original military brass name tag can be purchased in auctions, antique stores, museums, or from certain websites. However, they are rare and can be very expensive. An authentic-looking ID tag is the most affordable option.

Certain stores and websites carry brass tags that look exactly like original military tags. They typically print the name of the war on one side and personal information on the other. You can customize the tag to have a name, regiment, branch of service, or any information you wish to print on the tag.

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