Caroling Kids

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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What holiday could be complete without the Christmas tradition of caroling kids singing on your doorstep, wrapped in scarves and mittens with cheeks brightened by cold? Although the tradition is not as strong these days it has been in the past, caroling is still a treasured holiday outing. There are two types of caroling - planned and unplanned.

Planned caroling is the most common, arranged in advance and usually performed in front of an audience at a retirement or nursing home. Unplanned caroling is usually a community event with a pre-selected time and place, and groups of neighbors meet to share holiday cheer and their favorite Christmas tunes. Door-to-door caroling is rare, although up until the twentieth century, it was a staple of early American holiday festivities.

Caroling Kids as Holiday Collectibles

To commemorate the special tradition of caroling, Sandra Lee has created these memorable Christmas collectibles--interactive dolls that sing along with each other to two beloved carols, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Deck the Halls. These caroling kids will chime in when they hear one of their own begin to sing. Each doll has an activation button in its right hand. Just press the button and let these adorable Christmas collectibles serenade you with their yuletide cheer.

If you want to plan a fun caroling outing for your own family, have each family member write down his or her favorite carol and compile your own songbook. Sheet music and lyrics are readily available online. Print them out, bind them between sheets of red or green wrapping paper, and surprise the neighbors with your own special brand of family holiday spirit!

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