Ceramic Tableware

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Ceramic tableware is centuries old yet looks tremendously modern and sophisticated on your dining table. Whether you love the rustic ceramics from Italy and Spain, or the elegant porcelain tableware from England and France, it's amazing to remember that all ceramic tableware has the same history. And that history goes back thousands of years to the first human settlements, 25,000 years ago.

Actually the first ceramics were used as religious figurines by nomads in Europe for magical purposes. By 13,000 B.C., ceramic vessels were used to hold everyday household foods and beverages. All over the world, in archeaological digs, the "potsherds" tell the story of the community's domestic life through the condition of their ceramic vessels.

Ceramic tableware evolved in every civilization because it's so easy to create. Whether you're making mugs, vases or pots, you simply mix clay and water, and fire the finished product in a fire or kiln. After firing, the ceramic tableware actually changes its chemical composition and becomes solid.

Ceramics As Gifts And Collectibles

And so through the ages, ceramic tableware has always been the most sought-after of gifts and collectibles because of its unique beauty and style. From the ancient Greek vases to the exquisite Ming porcelain, ceramics are a beautiful art form. Many kinds of ceramic tableware, including South American pottery such as the striking Ecuadorian tableware called "Yapacunchi" are available on the web, and make unique gift ideas.

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