Christmas Collectibles

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Christmas collectibles come in as many variations as there are people to collect them. Candles and candleholders are increasing in popularity as television decorating shows continue to utilize cost-effective tea lights as accent pieces. Tea lights can be purchased by the bag, and are a beautiful and safe way to use candles to decorate for the holidays.

Tea lights are particularly effective when used in multiples - for example, in a row across a mantel. They can also be lovely when placed in lanterns on porches or outside walkways, guiding your Christmas guests to your door with a soft, lambent glow. Holiday collectibles such as traditional angel chimes are another great way to incorporate candles into your yuletide decorating scheme.

Ethnic Christmas Collectibles

Perhaps your collection is geared towards reflecting your heritage - there are many ways to reflect your unique personal history in your collection. Historical figurines can showcase the best and brightest stars of your ethnic background. Traditional handmade crafts from the country of your background can easily become ornaments and centerpieces, as well.

Traditional African and South American crafts are becoming increasingly popular with collectors and are widely available at national retailers, and through online vendors. Woven rugs and table runners can easily blend with your Christmas decor to enhance this special time of year. Christmas collectibles reflecting your heritage also make great gifts for parents and grandparents, and will doubtless bring a smile on Christmas day.

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