Christmas Craft Ornaments

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Christmas craft ornaments are easier to make than you might think. Even if you have never made any before or have no experience with arts and crafts, you can create a lovely piece of unique artwork with minimal effort. Cheap Christmas ornaments are surprisingly easy to make and are good projects for children.

Snowflakes are the simplest and arguably the most beautiful. Simply fold a piece of white typing paper in half and snip away with a pair of scissors. For an eye-catching variation, spread some rubber cement along the spokes of your snowflake and dust them with silver glitter.

More Advanced Christmas Craft Ornaments

Cross-stitch is an easy and fun way to accessorize your tree. It is easy to learn, inexpensive, and produces results quickly. A simple potpourri pillow ornament can be completed in an hour or less.

If you have minimal sewing experience, there are many sewing patterns for dolls. Similar to Annalee dolls, you can create your own characters with felt, stuffing, and a felt-tip marker. Simply follow the pattern, and use your own artistic talent to draw a face on your doll. Christmas craft ornaments are not difficult to create - they just require an active imagination.

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