Christmas Tree Ornaments

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Christmas tree ornaments are the highlight of the year for many collectors, even young ones. Children's ornaments have become a highly specialized field, as opposed to the limited offerings ten or fifteen years ago. No longer are children limited to cartoon characters or satin-bound decorative balls; these days, the choices for children range from movie characters to sports teams to racecar drivers.

To interest children in collecting, a good way to begin is to shop with them for a special ornament each year. Let them pick out what suits them best, and be sure to indicate the year of purchase somewhere on the piece itself. Each year, the child will be able to see how his or her own personal taste has developed, and when the time comes to move away from home, that very special first Christmas tree won't be bare, but filled with years of memories.

Christmas Tree Ornaments as Gifts

Unique Christmas ornaments are perfect stocking stuffers. If you have many people to buy for, you can still buy in bulk and then simply individualize each choice with engraving or a personal message. An ideal way to shop for a group of friends is to look for a line of decorations that come in slightly different designs or colors - give each person a gift that reflects their personality while at the same time making the shopping easy for yourself.

Handmade Christmas tree ornaments can also make a special holiday gift. If you like the idea of personalizing your gifts, many craft books are available with simple, easy instructions for making no-sew craft ideas with common household items. For those with sewing or cross-stitch skills, the options are even wider for creating your own Christmas tree decorations. For a thoughtful gift, consider using a small handmade craft project to trim a gift box.

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