Cival War

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many consider the Cival War to be the greatest war in American history. It was the only war fought on American soil by Americans. This war is particularly interesting to Americans and most historians.

The Cival War is heavily documented through books, movies, documentaries, essays and articles. Thousands of photographs are available for viewing. The internet gives us an additional tool for finding war information quickly and conveniently.

Elements of the Cival War

The Cival War has obtained many nicknames because its name can be misleading. It has been called the War of the States, the War of Rebellion, and the War of Secession. It marked the conflict between the Union and Confederacy, or the North and the South.

The war was not a struggle between classes as its title suggests. It was rather a political, social, and economic battle. The exact cause of the war cannot be concluded, yet over three million soldiers fought in the war and 600,000 died.

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