Civil War Antique

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Civil War antique is an artifact collected from the time of the Civil War. Many Americans consider the Civil War to be the most fascinating because Americans fought each other on American soil. Over 3 million Americans fought in this war and nearly 600,000 died.

The Civil War continues to be a wonder to history buffs, historians, war veterans, military enthusiasts, and re-enactors. Various re-enactors replay the events of the war and dress in the appropriate attire for the time period. Civil War events have also been featured in plays, movies, television and other entertainment ventures.

Finding a Civil War Antique

Civil War Antiques can be found in antique stores, museums, auctions, or the internet. They tend to be rare and very expensive. Be careful in your research of antiques from the Civil War, because many sell replicates to pass off as original artifacts.

A Civil War antique may include original clothing, accessories, instruments, weapons, or written documentation such as letters and diaries. All sorts of items can be purchased such as tents, canteens, medals, hats, uniforms, and dog tags. The most popular antiques are weapons and also dog tags because the soldiers had to make them on their own.

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