Civil War History

Written by Jill Morrison
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Civil War history is considered to be fascinating to most Americans. It was the only war that was fought by Americans on American soil. Over 3 million soldiers fought in this war, and approximately 600,000 died.

Details of Civil War History

In Civil War history, the exact cause of the war was not determined. For this reason, the Civil War has been called other names including the War Between the States, the War of Secession, and the War of the Rebellion. We do know that the war pertained to political, social, economic, and psychological conflicts over slavery.

Identification tags, or "dog tags," are necessary in war. They help to determine the whereabouts and status of soldiers during the war period. Throughout Civil War history, no Government issued ID tag was ever found.

Since the death rate was so high in the Civil War, families were terrified and wanted information about their loved ones in battle. Without ID tags, it was difficult to identify many soldiers who lost their lives. Most of the ID tag artifacts were purchased and engraved by soldiers to wear, so that they could later be identified.

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