Civil War Id Tag

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many assume that every soldier in the Civil War wore a Civil War ID Tag. However, no known, Government issued ID tags ever existed for the Civil War. Most of the soldiers purchased and engraved their own ID tags to wear in battle.

A Civil War ID tag was likely similar to Government issued ID tags in other wars, such as World War I and II. They were simply plates of metal or tokens attached to a chain, and worn around the neck. The only difference is that soldiers had to obtain them on their own, so there may have been differences in the type and size of metal plates and the engraving.

How to Purchase a Civil War ID Tag

A Civil War ID Tag makes a great gift for any history buff, military supporter, or anyone involved with the military. Military re-enactors also love to purchase these to make their costumes look more realistic. You can purchase original or authentic looking ID tags.

Original Civil War Tags are very rare and can be extremely expensive. You can save a lot of money and purchase replicas that look exactly the same. Replicas can be found for as low as $15 and original ID tags are usually worth thousands of dollars.

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