Civil War Memorabilia

Written by Jill Morrison
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Civil War Memorabilia makes a great gift for history buffs, war veterans, military enthusiasts, or members of the armed services. The Civil War is considered to be the greatest war in history. Many find it to be fascinating because Americans fought each other on American soil.

Over 600,000 people died in the Civil War, and 3 million participated. It was a brutal war between the North (Federal) and the South (Confederates). Though the North won, people enjoy collecting Civil War Memorabilia from both sides in the war.

Options in Civil War Memorabilia

There are many types of Civil War Memorabilia items. You can choose between clothing, accessories, utensils, instruments, letters, and weapons. Original artifacts from the war are rare and expensive, so you may want to consider purchasing a replicate as memorabilia.

In the Civil War, no government-issued ID Tags were ever given. Soldiers purchased and engraved their own ID tags. Those ID tags are even more meaningful because of this, and are a popular item of memorabilia.

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