Civil War Reconstruction

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Civil War reconstruction is the process of making a replicate of an original artifact from the Civil War. Original artifacts are avidly sought after, but are rare and expensive. A reconstruction gives you an item as seen in the Civil War, without the cost.

The Civil War is considered to be the greatest war to Americans. It is fascinating because it was fought on American soil by Americans. 3 million Americans participated, and 600,000 died.

Purpose of a Civil War Reconstruction

Due to the fascination Americans have with the Civil War, many desire to own an artifact. People will most often purchase a Civil War reconstruction as opposed to an original artifact to save time and money.

Each Civil War reconstruction is made with great detail to look exactly like it's original. They are often made from the same material as well. A reconstruction is the perfect gift for any history or military enthusiast.

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