Civil War Relic

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Civil War relic is an item from the time of the Civil War. A relic is defined as a memorial of antiquity or object of historic interest; anything that is a survival from the past. Items from the Civil War are intriguing to many Americans.

Civil War Relic Uses

A Civil War relic makes the perfect gift for any history or military enthusiast. They are rare and can be expensive. Many turn to reconstructions of original items from the Civil War to save time and money in purchasing a relic.

A Civil War Relic may be very fragile. Make sure that you have the means to care for and protect the artifact before you purchase one. There are various types of relics that you can choose from.

Items from the Civil War include uniforms, accessories, medical and musical instruments, tents, medals, letters, and utensils. The most popular items seem to be weapons and ID tags. ID tags are especially interesting because soldiers made them on their own, rather than obtaining them from the Government.

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