Civil War Souvenir

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Civil War souvenir makes a wonderful gift for military enthusiasts, history buffs, war veterans, or members of the armed services. The Civil War is considered by many to be the greatest war in American history. It is fascinating because it was the only war where Americans fought each other on American soil.

The Civil War was very brutal. Over 600,000 people died from the 3 million participants. The war was between the North (Federal) and the South (Confederate) with a Northern victory.

Civil War Souvenir Options

Though the North won the war, people enjoy collecting souvenirs from both sides. Civil War souvenir options include clothing, accessories, weapons, letters, utensils, and instruments. Original items can be very expensive, so you can save money on the vast amount of replicates that have been created.

Government-issued ID tags are standard in war, but oddly enough, they were not given to soldiers in the Civil War. Soldiers had to create their own ID tags so they could be identified. Original and replicated Civil War ID tags are a popular Civil War souvenir item to purchase.

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