Civil War Sutler

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Civil War Sutler supplies military clothing, accessories, and utensils from the Civil War. Items can be original artifacts from the war. However, most are replicates of the original items.

A Civil War Sutler is most often approached for Civil War-style costumes. The clothing can be used in television, plays, movies, and for re-enacting. Re-enactors perform scenes from actual events from the Civil War.

Re-enactors tend to be very concerned with authenticity of the costumes. Fortunately, nearly every Civil War Sutler follows the exact pattern and style of the original uniforms. Sometimes, they even use the same material as the original.

Civil War Sutler Options

A Sutler provides clothing such as shirts, pants, socks, coats, hats, and vests. They also make accessories such as gloves, sashes, belts, hat cords, suspenders, and medals. If you would like to purchase other military supplies, such as tents, weapons, sacks, or canteens, they may also be available through a Sutler.

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