Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Collectibles are a way we can hold our past close to us, remembering friends and family and good times shared with loved ones. Like a three-dimensional photo album, collectible items provide a connection to happy memories of Christmas past. The holidays are such a special time of year for many people, making them a natural starting place for those looking to begin a theme-based collection of ornaments and decorations. There are many options out there for those looking to collect one-of-a-kind treasures, items with resale value, or simply miscellaneous items that hold special meaning for you personally.

Our goal at is to give you information on brands and types of collectible Christmas items that may interest you, as well as tips and tricks for holiday decorating and shopping. The collectible market is filled with designers offering ornaments, ceramic village scenes, figurines, candleholders, and dolls, making it difficult to decide on a focus for your collection. The most important step in tailoring your efforts is choosing an emphasis that you know will bring you joy for years, whether it be animals, nativity scenes, or caroling kids.

Collectibles for Fun

Your collection need not be full of first-rate antiques or limited edition pieces. Some of the best collections are gathered over the years without effort, showcasing items that remind you of particular events or people in your life. If this interests you, your own tastes and memories will be your guide as you sift through the thousands of options available to you.

A great way to begin a collection like this is to purchase at least one item each Christmas and have the year engraved on the item. Your collectibles will tell a story each year as you bring them out to decorate your rooms. For example, if you took a cruise or a safari during the past year, you might want to look for a sailboat or animal ornament to commemorate your travels.

Collectibles for the Enthusiast

Many people also create collections based on the designs of a single artisan or brand name. Handmade dolls and Victorian village scenes are two common themes for the collector who wants a unified look. Other popular themes are vintage or antique tree trimmings, angels, and monochrome color themes.

These types of collections require additional effort on your part. You will probably need to do some research--oftentimes pieces will only be released for a single Christmas season and can be exceedingly difficult to locate after such a limited release. With perseverance and a knowledge of resources available to you, tracking down these items will prove rewarding instead of difficult.

A Rewarding Pursuit

Imagine looking back on a collection put together with years of patience. Each figurine, nativity scene, or Christmas card holder will mean something special to you because of the memories associated with it. Collectibles are a fun and easy way to showcase your personal style and capture the special moments of your life.

If the idea of beginning a serious collection still seems overwhelming, limit your theme to either a particular style (glass ornaments, for example) or designer. Christmas catalogs and department stores are a good place to begin your search. As soon as you see the right piece, it will capture your heart and you will know where to begin.

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