Department 56 Collectibles

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Department 56 collectibles are very versatile and make yuletide decorating a snap. Snowbabies, the adorable Department 56 ornaments, make excellent additions to your favorite holiday wreath. For an extra-snowy feel, sprinkle the wreath with iridescent silver glitter.

Wreaths can also be laid horizontally on your dining table, becoming an instant framing device for your centerpiece. Department 56 collectibles are perfect for this type of decorating. Choose one of their delightful country homes, place it inside the wreath, and surround the display with red scented tealights to treat your diners to a rustic country Christmas feel.

The Story Behind Department 56 Collectibles

The first product the company released was a single lighted house, over twenty-five years ago. The reason they are still very competitive in the collectibles market is because of the remarkable attention to detail that goes into each tiny house they sell. Comparable products simply do not have the same level of detail, as many colors, or quality craftsmanship as the collectibles from Department 56.

The ideas for products come from all over. The artists are often approached by collectors who have ideas of their own, or by friends and family members with special requests for what they would like to see. The general public can even submit ideas via their website. If you have an idea yourself, submit it - you may see your design on the store shelves next Christmas!

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