Dog Tag

Written by Jill Morrison
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In times of war, it is customary for soldiers to each wear an ID tag, or "dog tag." Dog tags are metal plates with information engraved on the surface and a chain attached to one side. Information such as a name, regiment, company name, and branch of service can be printed on the tags.

War is devastating and unfortunate. If a soldier was killed in battle, their ID tag would reveal their name. If not for ID tags, families may never know for sure what happened to the soldier in their family. Knowledge of a soldier's status can either reassure a family, or give them closure.

In most wars, the U.S. Government issued ID tags to soldiers. However, in the Civil War, ID tags were not available to soldiers. Many soldiers purchased and engraved ID tags on their own from metal tokens.

Finding a Dog Tag to Purchase

You can purchase an original dog tag if you are willing to pay a large sum. If you would like to save money, replicas are commonly made and sold. You can have a replica made of an ID tag from practically any war.

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