Family History

Written by Jill Morrison
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Family history has been a topic of family interest for numerous years. Many enjoy learning about their previous family members, where they were from, and their achievements. Upon learning this information, it is customary to document it with a "family tree."

A family tree shows the lineage of a family through time. It can date back as far as you are willing to research. Depending on how much information you wish to obtain, the process can be difficult and time-consuming.

By researching your family history, you can discover where your ancestors came from, where they lived, what social conditions existed, what historical events affected them, and how they made a living. You should use forms to help you organize your research. Research logs and Correspondence logs are widely-used information forms.

Where to Find Information About Family History

There are various databases to choose from when researching your family history. You can look at U.S. census records, historical newspapers, immigration/emigration records, military records, birth, marriage, and death records, biographies, and histories. You can also find valuable and personal information by asking older relatives and friends of relatives.

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