Written by Jenni Wiltz
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The Fontanini label produces ornaments and nativity scene figurines in the time-honored tradition of old European masters. The figurines are handcrafted and painted with colors specifically chosen for their similarity to colors used on old European figurines. These high-quality sculptures reflect the deep religious meaning behind the Christmas season.

Quite often, the true meaning of Christmas gets lost amidst the shopping, parties, and food that are found in abundance beginning the day after Thanksgiving. If you find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about, study the Fontanini nativity scenes and you will remember why it is a season filled with joy. The faces, painted with care and dignity, express the deep emotion associated with the birth of Jesus.

The Ageless Beauty of Fontanini Sculptures

The process of creating one of these labor-intensive sculptures takes place on two different continents. From Tuscany to Chicago, the process involves artists, sculptors, and researchers. Each of these historical figurines is meticulously researched for details on their clothing, hair, and appearance.

Craftspeople in Bagni di Lucca, Italy paint multiple figurines at a time, filling in a particular detail on each one at the same time. Separate groups of painters are employed to paint the faces. It is this remarkable devotion to authenticity that keeps Fontanini sculptures at the top of the market.

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