Fontanini Christmas Collector

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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If you are an avid Fontanini Christmas collector, no doubt you have come to appreciate the craftsmanship of these beautiful sculptures. Remarkable in their minute details, these nativity figures truly represent the grace and dignity inherent in the Christmas season. If the story of Jesus's birth touches you each time you read it, you will appreciate the tenderness in the faces of Mary and Joseph.

A recent collection that is sure to become a classic is the Life of Christ collection. A sensitive and thoughtful depiction of the crucial events in Jesus's life, these recreations are both lovely and thought provoking. They are created on the same scale as existing Fontanini nativity scenes, making it easy for you to create a truly splendid tableau.

Becoming a Fontanini Christmas Collector

Choosing the right piece to start your collection is essential. Becoming a Fontanini Christmas collector is expensive, and will happen gradually over time. These historical figurines are inspired by the Bible, by the sun-dappled fields of Tuscany, and by the explosion of faith and creativity during the Renaissance.

A good place to begin your collection is with the Angels of Tuscany or the Tuscan Garden collection. The Tuscan Garden is a display for your figurines, painted with a peaceful background right out of the Italian countryside. Each of the four Angels of Tuscany have gold-dappled wings and beneficent expressions of piety.

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