Gifts And Collectibles Ideas

Written by Abby Luttrell
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What is it that draws human beings to things of beauty? It's an instinct that dates back to the very first cave drawings. Even in the Dark Ages, with ignorance and superstition, plagues and wars, people had to express their desire for beauty in the soaring Gothic cathedrals that were built throughout Europe.

These cathedrals took years, sometimes centuries, to build. The famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was started in 1163, but only finished nearly one hundred years later, in 1250. Yet the Rose stained glass window of Notre Dame is still famous and attracts millions of visitors each year.

Works Of Art On The Web

It's our human instinct to want to be surrounded by items of beauty. Fortunately we live in an age when artists and craftsmen are flourishing. Many of these original works of art can be found on the web.

For instance, there are many modern day stained glass craftsmen whose work make great ideas for gifts and collectibles. Stained glass lamps are made by such artisans as Glassmasters. Lynne Gordon is an artist who makes original design stained glass lamps.

Stained glass art is also available in reproduction. Some of Louis Tiffany's most beautiful stained glass panels can be purchased in reproduction, as well as stained glass renditions of the works of great artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh and Monet. Contemporary artists such as D. Morgan create original and timeless works which are sold on the web.

Other ideas for gifts and collectibles are the wonderful array of Christmas items. Heirloom nativity sets are always valued, handed down from generation to generation. One such nativity set artist is Linda MacDonald, for Hestia.

Let's not forget more frivolous Christmas items like Santa dolls and figurines, which have been popular ever since the original St. Nicholas, in the 4th century. Snowman designs can be part of your Christmas ornaments, figurines, or even on mittens and mufflers. Bonnie Lynn is an artist whose lighthearted snowmen figurines are very popular.

There are wonderful Native American and South American crafts available on the web. Clothing and ceramic tableware from Ecuador and the Andes region are very popular. Skilled craftsmen in Cuenca, Ecuador create the striking "Yapacunchi" ceramic tableware, which is handmade and hand painted, and is a great idea for gifts and collectibles.

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