Id Personal Tag

Written by Jill Morrison
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An ID personal tag gives identification information about an individual. They can be used by employees, for large events, or in the military. Personal tags from past wars are also a popular collector's item.

ID Personal Tag Uses

An ID personal tag is typically made in the form of a pin for employees, or those at large events. In the military, they are worn around the neck. They are metal plates attached to a silver chain, in most cases.

The military requires that every soldier wears an ID personal tag. ID tags are very important in situations of war. They give information on status of a soldier for the benefit of the service and the families of soldiers.

It is interesting that Civil War ID tags are popular collector's items because the Government did not issue ID tags to the soldiers. Soldiers who wanted to be identified purchased and engraved their own ID tags. Therefore, Civil War ID tags are considered to be very meaningful artifacts from war.

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