Just The Right Shoe

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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How many times have you searched through your closet in vain, searching for just the right shoe? These enchanting sculptures have the answer to that question. Artist and sculptor Raine has created these unique collectibles that any fashion-savvy woman will love instantly.

These delicate and dainty collectibles make magnificent Christmas tree ornaments. Whether your personal style gravitates towards mile-high platforms or sensible ballet flats, Raine has created the perfect shoe for you. The attention to detail will stun you, from intricately rendered buckles to sumptuous fabrics in luscious colors.

Which is Just the Right Shoe For You?

Whether you are a sports fanatic or a history buff, there are shoes in this collection to tickle your fancy. Particularly enticing is a breathtaking replica of an eighteenth-century shoe in the style worn by Marie Antoinette as she danced through the glorious Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. There are even shoes that benefit a cause, as evidenced by the lily-bedecked mule sandal whose proceeds benefit breast cancer research.

Gift sets are also available with wedding, anniversary, birthday, or new baby themes. Raine has crafted children's shoes as well - tiny cowboy boots and miniature Mary Janes that will have you longing for the days when you played dress up with your mother's shoes. If you are a fashion maven always on the lookout for just the right shoe, look no further than these pieces of fabulous footwear.

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