Memorial Brass

Written by Jill Morrison
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Memorial Brass is a company that sells hand-stamped, brass Civil War ID Tag replicas. Original Civil War ID tags are very difficult to find and are expensive. A replica ID tag looks exactly like original ID tags and is very reasonable in price.

Benefits of Memorial Brass ID Tags

Civil War ID Tags make a great gift for any history buff, war veteran, military supporter, or anyone involved with the military. Memorial Brass is very popular among re-enactors as well. The ID tag is a necessary accessory to their authentic-looking costumes.

Each Memorial Brass ID tag is made from brass and has a 27 inch silver chain. An eagle from an 1858 gold dollar and the phrase, "War of 1861," is printed on one side. The other side can be printed with personal information.

For the personal information side of the ID tag, you can choose to simply engrave a name, or you can add other details. Options of items to print on the tag include first initial and last name, company name, regiment, and branch of service. You can choose the information to print depending on who will wear the tag.

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