Metal Id Tag

Written by Jill Morrison
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A metal ID tag can be used as a means of identification. ID tags are common with employees at large places, for large parties or gatherings such as a reunion, and in the military. ID tags are issued to soldiers in war as a standard measure.

Uses of a Military Metal ID Tag

The military is well-known for issuing a metal ID tag to every soldier in war. Identification is important. Status of soldiers should be known at all times for the sake of knowledge in the service and the families of the soldiers.

Each Metal ID tag is printed with information on both sides. One side typically contains information about the time period and the war. The other side holds personal information such as the name, regiment, and branch of service.

ID tags were very interesting in the Civil War because the Government did not issue them. Soldiers who wanted to be identified purchased and engraved their own ID tags. Civil War ID tags are a popular and meaningful collector's item because they were hand-made by soldiers in the war.

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