Military Clothing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Military clothing is an important element for success in the armed services. Uniforms distinguish soldiers from their high-ranking officers. More importantly, uniforms distinguish different armies from each other.

If military clothing was not established for each army, fighting in war would be much more difficult. Without matching uniforms, soldiers would not be able to easily determine who was on their side. Likewise, if high-ranking officers did not have noticeably different uniforms, soldiers would not know who to turn to for orders at a moment's notice.

Military clothing in earlier times was made with thick material, and had vibrant, eye-catching colors. Armies designed uniforms to have bright colors as a way to make a bold statement of their presence. Today, the U.S. military is smarter and uniforms are neutral so soldiers can blend to their surroundings for protection.

Components of Military Clothing

There are various clothing items and accessories that make up a military uniform. The basic components are the shirts, coats, pants, headgear, and footwear. Additional items include insignia, ID tags, knapsacks, canteens, weapons, and other accessories.

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