Military Uniforms

Written by Jill Morrison
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Military uniforms distinguish different armies from each other. They can also differentiate branches of a particular army. Even further, uniforms can differ by rank or position within an army.

If armies did not have matching uniforms, it would be very difficult to know which soldiers were on your side. If officers of high ranking, such as Generals, did not have distinguishable outfits, it would be difficult to know who to turn to for orders. As you can see, military uniforms are imperative for success in battle.

Types of Military Uniforms Through Time

Military uniforms and their accessories can be very complex. In earlier years, uniforms were very colorful and intricate. The bright colors signified strength and armies wanted to make their presence known with these bold colors.

Today, the U.S. Military is much smarter about uniforms and their colors. Uniforms are less complex and lighter so that soldiers can move easily. The colors are also very neutral so soldiers can blend with their surroundings, then they do not make easy targets and are more likely to succeed with surprise attacks.

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