Old World Christmas Ornaments

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Old World Christmas ornaments are a modern rebirth of techniques pioneered by German ornament makers for hundreds of years. These collectibles are produced by a particular family who wanted to bring back from Germany the craftsmanship and beauty reflected in these unique collectibles. The Merck family started a business producing these distinctive types of tree trimmings in 1972, inspired by the warmth and rich traditions of a European holiday.

These remarkable treasures are painstakingly painted and decorated by hand, each one a distinctive creation. To identify it as coming from the Old World collection, each ornament comes with a charm and a retelling of a Christmas--themed story. In addition to tree decorations, the company also produces feather trees, nutcrackers, night light covers, and their famous Santa lights.

Recent Designs from Old World Christmas Ornaments

Recent ornament designs include a flower fairy, dinosaurs, dolphins, fruits, and even a depiction of the American flag. A popular line produced by the company is the Inside Art line, in which a beautiful scene is painted inside the glass ornament itself. These fine Christmas ornaments range in price from several dollars to fifteen dollars each.

Old World Christmas ornaments are not the only choices for collectors looking for Old World merchandise. The company also offers adorable printed cards with several different Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving themes. For collectors of quality glass merchandise infused with old world charm and quality, this manufacturer is a must.

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