Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Ornaments provide glitter and shine and beauty that can take your breath away. To keep them looking beautiful year after year, you must care for them properly and make sure they are stored in a way that will not damage them. Regular cleaning and inspections can prolong the life of your treasures so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

A few handy household supplies can help keep your collection looking its best year in and year out. To dust, use a cotton swab and gently sweep away any accumulated dust or grime. If you need to clean items made of cloth, such as Annalee dolls, consult the manufacturer for the least damaging method to use.

Storing Your Ornaments

When packing them away after Christmas, always wrap them with acid-free tissue paper. Be sure to place them gently in a sturdy but breathable cardboard box (no plastic storage boxes), making sure the box lid can close without smashing or damaging anything. If you have any rare collectibles, you might want to leave them out all year to enjoy over and over again.

Try to keep the box away from temperature extremes - ornaments can be damaged when subjected to high heat or very cold temperatures. Although convenient and common practice, rafters are not the best place to keep your boxes. Ideally, you will want to store them in a spare room or in the back of a closet to make sure the temperature is kept steady.

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