Personalized Id Tag

Written by Jill Morrison
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A personalized ID tag gives specific information about the individual wearing it. Id tags can be used by employees, for parties and gatherings, and in the military. They can be worn as a pin or as a necklace.

Uses of a Personalized ID Tag

A personalized ID tag is typically in the form of a pin for employees and participants in large events. In the military, ID tags are plates of metal attached to a chain. They are typically worn around the neck.

Each tag in the military is printed on both sides. On one side there is personal information such as name, regiment, and branch of service. The other side holds information about the war and time period.

You can purchase a personalized ID tag to look like ID tags used in war from various stores and websites. Civil War ID Tags are popular items to replicate. They are typically made from brass and hand-stamped with individual information so they can be given as a gift.

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