Radko Christmas Ornaments

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Radko Christmas ornaments are the collector's item of choice for high-quality fine Christmas ornaments. These lovely mouth-blown glass works of art are too beautiful to pack away for eleven months of the year. Many collectors have special glass display cases for their ornaments and leave them out for viewing all year round.

Some of the Radko designs are replicas of actual vintage decorations that used to hang on the Radko family Christmas tree. Radko began selling his creations almost by accident - friends begged to purchase trimmings he had made for his own family. The time was right for a return to vintage sensibilities, and as a result, the company sells thousands of ornaments per year.

The Lure of Radko Christmas Ornaments

Why are Radko Christmas ornaments so popular? They continue to sell in extremely high volumes, and the demand shows no sign of diminishing. The shimmering, shiny glass reflects well against Christmas tree lights, making a tree look as though hundreds of little stars are hanging on its boughs. The incredible range of designs and colors is also a factor.

With designs ranging from dainty flowers and fairies to exotic fruits and vegetables, the brand is sure to please men and women, young and old. Radko retires roughly one-third of his designs per year, so their status as collector's items appeals to many. The pure, stunning beauty of the creations themselves are the reason for their lasting popularity.

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