Retired Department 56

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Finding retired Department 56 items can be extremely difficult to do. Frequent visits to their web site can help you find out which sets and designs are going to be retired. With that information, it is best to do online research and snap up these soon-to-be gone treasures as soon as you can.

Since the molds that created retired items have been broken, the price will almost always rise instantly. Only certain items are retired each year, but if you are a serious collector you will want to complete any unfinished series in your collection before they are retired. You can often end up paying two to three times the original price of an item if you wait just a season or two to purchase it.

Resell Potential of Retired Department 56 Items

If you are doubtful as to whether or not to purchase a retired or soon-to-be retired Department 56 collectible, purchase it. If you decide not to keep it, you can always resell it at a higher price once it becomes scarce. Online auctions sites are great places to get top dollar for your resell items.

Selling your retired items online is a great way to earn some money to buy new items. Collectors searching for that one elusive item often scour auction sites, and you can take advantage of their single-minded purpose. Advertise your piece as part of a vanishing set of rare collectibles, and watch the auction bids add up!

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